SS3060 / SS4090

Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar

60kHz Wideband Signal | 230m Big Range | Realtime Dynamitic Focus

SS3060 or SS4090 (Seagull) is a dual-band broadband high-definition side-scan sonar designed for a general purpose needs of customers. This product adopts our company's broadband signal processing, variable aperture technology, image equalization,   4K HD display technology and other innovative technologies to realize wide scanning range and high definition. It has been widely used in shallow water applications of underwater engineering inspection, pipeline investigation, fire emergency search and rescue, underwater archaeological survey, marine pasture investigation and environmental protection hidden pipe inspection etc.

Main Features

首页.png    High Resolution: With 60kHz bandwidth signal, SS3060 andSS4090 adopt pulse compression or ultra short pulse transmission to improve theranging resolution in the across track direction from the system level and enhancescanning image resolution too.

首页.png   Clear Near or Far: It adopts variableaperture dynamicfocusing technology to increase the scanning image’s depth of field and effectivelyresolve side scan sonar traditionally near field blur problem, SS3060 andSS4090 scanning image is very clear no matter near field or far away.

首页.png   Delicate Image: Innovative image equalization technology combinessoftware of real-time contract adjusting and hardware of 24bits high dynamic ADto enhance the image contrast and definition. This is the reason that SS3060and SS4090 can present the terrain background image so delicately.

首页.png   Diversified Applications: Cable and pipeline survey, hydrological survey, archaeological survey, ocean energy and mining resources detection, environmental protection investigation and port safety, etc.


Technical Specifications

Working Frequency

300kHz / 600kHz (SS3060)

400kHz / 900kHz (SS4090)

Across Track Resolution

2.5cm@300kHz / 1.25cm@600kHz

1.25cm @400kHz / 1cm @900kHz

Along Track Resolution

300kHz: 0.24m@50m;0.49m@ 100m; 0.73m@150m

600kHz: 0.09m@20m; 0.23m@50m; 0.34m@75m

400kHz: 0.18m@50m; 0.27m@ 75m; 0.37m@100m

900kHz: 0.07m@20m; 0.17m@50m; 0.26m@75m

Signal Bandwidth


Vertical Beam Width


Parallel Beam Width

0.28°@300kHz / 0.26°@600kHz

0.21°@400kHz / 0.2°@900kHz

Signal Type


Max. Slope Range

  230m@300kHz / 120m@600kHz

  150m@400kHz / 75m@900kHz

Max. Working Depth


Physical Specifications

Towfish Size

Towfish Weight

Φ100mm x 1200mm

25kg (In the air) / 12kg (In water)

Working Temperature

Storage Temperature

-2° ~ 40℃

-20℃ ~ 55℃

Power Supply

Power Consumption

Deck Cable Length

DC 20V - 36V / AC 110V - 240V


50m (Optional for 200m)

All spec. above is subject to change without notice.


Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Environment Protection Hidden Pipeline Checking
Emergency Rescue
Underwater Construction Inspection


Wind Power Pier Inspecition
Riverbed Scanning Survey
South Water to North
Underwaterd Bridge Pier Scouring Inspection
Underwater Riprap Monitoring
Yangtze River Obstacle Detection